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Current Team Members

Emily Marquez, Ramya Ramakrishnan, Jocelyn Chin, Crystal Woo, Bethany Yang, Julia Park, Jennifer Javaheri, Charly Ng

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Team Alumni

Katie Frei, Layla Tondavi, Raha Zahedi, Shanae Wong, Inez Zung, Ingrid Tien, Bianca Gonzalez, Rachel Teo, Vaishali Denton, Rosaline Chow, Manya Gupta, Stephanie Thai, Kiran Cherian, Sierra Hovey

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Community Outreach

  • Guest speaker, “Two heads are better than one!,” Oxbridge Academic Program, Los Angeles, CA | Su21

  • Guest speaker, “Two heads are better than one!,” Toluca Lake Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA | Sp21

  • Masculinity in the Media Symposium Co-Chair (2021), Symposium Committee (2020), Social Media Co-Chair (2019), Contributor (2018-2021), Psychology in Action

  • Learning Assistants Program, Los Angeles, CA.  Presented short talk on optimizing group study to students learning to assist others in undergraduate courses | W21, F20, W20, F19, Sp19, W19

  • Exploring Your Universe Volunteer, Los Angeles, CA | F19, F20

  • UCLA's Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Day, Health and Wellness Panel Co-Chair and Venue Chair | F19

  • Oxbridge Academic Program. Presented seminar Memory in the age of fake news: When and why we fall for inaccurate information to an international group of middle-school students | Su19 

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